Bacterial Spot Disease Problematic in Florida Fields

Jim Rogers Disease, Florida, Peppers, Tomatoes

Bacterial Spot Disease
Photo Credit ~ University of Georgia

Bacterial spot disease continues to be prevalent in tomatoes and susceptible pepper varieties throughout Florida, according to the South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline. This is especially true in Southwest Florida where foggy conditions have helped increase the disease.

It is also widespread in Homestead, Florida and is increasing in severity. Bacterial spot has flared in some pepper varieties on the East Coast and remains a problem in tomatoes as well.

Bacterial spot or blight of basil has caused problems and loss of some plantings in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Bacterial blight of beans was also reported with symptoms on leaves and pods.

The disease spreads rapidly during warm periods with wind-driven rains. Because there are fruit symptoms, bacterial spot reduces marketability.

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