Asian Longhorned Beetle Found in South Carolina

Clint Thompson South Carolina, Top Posts

According to The South Carolina Grower, the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) has been found near Hollywood, South Carolina. The beetle is an invasive tree pest and mainly attacks maples, elms, willows and birches.

Donald Duerr, USDA Forest Service, an Asian longhorned beetle.

Clemson Extension, Clemson Regulatory Services and USDA APHIS need help in detecting the beetle’s presence in the Lowcountry.

The are native beetles that look similar to ALB, so it’s important to know what they look like specifically. They are large black beetles with white spots, black and white striped antennae and bluish feet.

To report the beetle’s presence, please contact the Clemson Department of Plant Industry at or by calling 864-646-2140.