Record-Setting Populations: Asian Bean Thrips Spiking in Some Florida Fields

Clint Thompson Florida, Pests, Top Posts

UF/IFAS photo

It was a record-setting week on some South Florida farms with respect to Asian bean thrips (ABT) populations.

According to UF/IFAS, across most farms in southeastern Hendry County, ABT populations averaged 0.2 ABT per bud and ranged from 0.3 to 1.5 per bloom (at full bloom). But in an isolated located, reports were as high as 10.0 ABT per bloom (at full bloom).

This was the highest population levels reported at this stage in Hendry County. Damage appeared to occur to the blooms.

Whereas in northeastern Hendry County, populations varied considerably. No ABT populations were reported in some plantings, while others reached as high as 5.0 ABT per bloom at early pod development.

In the central part of Hendry County, populations stabilized after increasing over the previous few weeks, dropping to 0.3 to 0.6 ABT per bloom (at full bloom).

Other Counties

Scouted beans are older in northern Collier County, and populations of 1.8 ABT per bloom were reported.

In eastern Palm Beach County, reports indicate populations have steadied at 0.1 to 0.5 ABT per bloom or per plant. Aggressive insecticide programs include 1 to 2 spray pre-bloom to keep populations from building early and more aggressive sprays at bloom and later appear to keep ABT at moderate levels. Similar populations are reported in western and north western Palm Beach County.

Beans were close to harvest, and ABT was not reported in southern Glades County.