Alabama Pecan Crop Projected at 2.5 Million Pounds

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File photo shows pecans.

Alabama’s pecan trees are progressing with a strong crop this year. Alabama Extension Research Associate Bryan Wilkins believes the fungicide Miravis Top’s has worked well against scab disease and believes producers in his state should be in good shape come harvest time, barring a hurricane.

“I think Alabama will be up there around 2.5 million pounds, maybe a little bit more. That’s more than what we’ve had the past few years,” Wilkins said. “That Miravis Top has done real well. I’ve got Desirables here in Fairhope that are clean right now. Normally, by now, it doesn’t matter how many times I spray them, they’re eat up (with scab disease).”

The majority of Alabama’s pecan crop is produced in the southwest part of the state, in Mobile County, Baldwin County and Covington County. It has been an up-and-down growing season with regards to weather. In April and May, that region of Alabama got extremely dry. Now, it is experiencing seasonable rainfall.

Wilkins estimates his growers will make two more fungicide sprays against scab this season.

“We’ve had a fairly good growing season. Scab hasn’t been terrible. We haven’t had any major insect problems,” Wilkins said. “Last year, I think black aphids just ate everybody up across the Southeast. But we haven’t had any major insect problems. As long as we don’t get a hurricane, I think we’re going to be in real good shape.”