Chill Hours Continue to Increase for Alabama Peaches

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Alabama peach trees continue to receive high chill hours to help make a crop this upcoming spring.

File photo shows peaches growing.

According to the Alabama Extension, chill hours remain high at various locations throughout Alabama.

As of early Friday morning, there were 678 standard chill hours at the Auburn University Turf Unit in Auburn, Alabama, compared to 617 last year. There were 860 chill hours at the Chilton County REC in Thorsby, Alabama, compared to 778 last season. There was 781 chill hours at the EV Smith Research Center HQ in Shorter, Alabama, compared to 645 last year. There was 1,182 chill hours at the Upper Coastal Plain Substation in Winfield, Alabama, compared to 1,084 last year.

Cool temperatures are expected to continue through next week. According to, temperatures are expected to drop in the 20s next Friday (Feb. 12) through Sunday (Feb. 14).  

Peaches need chill hours to mature. The required chill hours depend on the peach variety.

Chill hours increased considerably in January. Edgar Vinson, assistant research professor and Extension specialist at Auburn University feared chill hours were lagging behind in December.