Alabama Gains Its Own Pomegranate Association

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The pomegranate industry in Alabama is working to strengthen its numbers by incorporating a statewide association. Shane Jennings founded the Alabama Pomegranate Association to help educate, raise awareness, and inspire Alabamians to get involved in the growing industry.

The association was formed in 2016 and held its first annual member meeting in October. Attendance showed a significant interest in Alabama pomegranates.

The Alabama Pomegranate Association encourages all current and prospective pomegranate growers, agricultural and commercial interests, nurseries, Master Gardeners and pomegranate enthusiasts to become members of the association.

Membership levels include several categories, from grower to adjunct member (meaning that the member is currently a member of another state’s association). Learn more about becoming a member here.

According to Jennings, one of the key outreach strategies for the Alabama Pomegranate Association has been its Facebook page. The page is devoted to promoting education, research and the pomegranate varieties that are best suited for the state of Alabama. Content includes questions and answers on pomegranate topics, such as “What is the traditional way to store cuttings?” and “Can nematode populations be controlled using marigolds as a companion crop for pomegranates?” The Facebook page has over 700 likes and is a great way to connect with association members and pomegranate enthusiasts.




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