Alabama Producers Be Wary of Pickleworms

Clint Thompson Alabama, Pests, Top Posts

According to the Alabama Vegetable IPM Facebook page, producers need to be wary of pickleworms on squash and cucumbers. This is especially essential for growers with the late-planted crop.

Alabama Extension photo/Shows pickleworm damage.

Alabama Extension describes pickleworms as large moths with semi-transparent yellowish wings and dark wing borders. Male and female moths have tufts of hair at the end of their dark abdomen.

Moths are typically active at dusk and can be observed sitting on stems with outstretched wings. Storms and high wind speeds can disperse moths earlier in the season.

The larval feeding on fruits can cause on or more holes, and extensive tunneling inside fruits can lead to damage. Pickleworm moths rest on stems inside the squash canopy during the day and can take quick flights if disturbed. Look for egg masses under the leaves.

For those in Alabama, the Farming Basics Mobile App is a great tool for looking up insect pest information and connecting with regional Extension agents.

Source: Alabama Extension