Agriculture Advancements Get Boost from Technology Advocate

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By Karla Arboleda

Nikolas Badminton says he has spent his career helping the world move forward by adopting technology. As CEO of Exponential Minds, a company that helps people invest in advanced technologies, Badminton sees plenty of opportunity to work with growers. “We’ve got more data than we’ve ever had before,” he says. Badminton summarizes information he presented at the 2019 Bayer AgVocacy Forum in Orlando, Florida.

The agriculture industry is known for being traditional, which begs many questions about how to integrate technologies throughout farms, Badminton says. If growers are going to adopt new methods of running their businesses, they must consider cost, crops and farm size before investing in new tools, he adds.

“It begins with experimentation,” Badminton says. “It also begins with finding the right questions to ask about the operation and starting to set objectives and goals around what you want to achieve and see if technology can actually help you get there.”

Badminton believes there is not much time left before growers have to make a choice between changing with their environment or struggling to keep up. But he says it is still important to consider how people feel about adjusting to new methods.

Badminton says growers might want to consider electric vehicles, drones and even cultured meat products as new technologies possibly worth utilizing. The choice to adopt agricultural technologies has long been debated with facts and  uncertainty, Badminton says. He adds that growers can continue to expect more opportunities to invest in methods for efficient farming.

“If you’re static and you’re not changing, people around you are changing,” Badminton says. “You are the change or change happens to you.”

Listen to Badminton’s full interview:

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