About VSCNews

Welcome to VSCNews

Brought to you by AgNet Media, Inc., VSCNews targets vegetable and specialty crop growers in Florida, Georgia and Alabama with timely news and feature information important to their unique production niche.
Agriculture in this three-state region is among the most dynamic and diverse in the nation, and is going through rapid change as land and water issues elsewhere highlight the region’s agriculture potential. Much of this change involves acreage expansion in high-value vegetable and specialty crops production. Production viability of these types of crops doesn’t necessarily follow state lines, and therefore, VSCNews takes a regional approach to covering this industry.

Why VSCNews Was Created

Agriculture is constantly changing. Consumer tastes are playing a big part in driving that change. The states in our coverage area not only include some of the top-five states in population, they also represent some of the top-five states in agricultural production. A vast amount of that agriculture is in fruits, vegetables and other high-value specialty crops growing in popularity and importance. We are seeing a resurgence in small farms in some areas, too, as niche producers realize the potential of a local market that is both valuable and convenient to serve.
Vegetable and specialty crops are sure to continue to expand in the deep Southeast region, and VSCNews will be there to communicate to growers — both newcomers and seasoned veterans — the information they need to know.

About AgNet Media

A home-grown agriculture media company with Florida roots dating back to its original farmer investors, AgNet Media began as Florida’s first-ever commercial farm radio network in the mid-1980s. The network’s principal founders, and much of its original seed capital, came from vegetable farming families who were joined by other Florida agriculturists sharing a vision to fill a need for farm media that understood the very unique production region we’ve grown to know as the “deep Southeast.”
VSCNews joins AgNet Media’s other properties to compliment the company’s emphasis on news and information that targets the nation’s largest and most critical fruit, vegetable and specialty crop production regions. In addition to the Southeast AgNet radio network covering Florida, Georgia and Alabama, AgNet Media now includes an established farm-radio network in California, where AgNet West went on air in 2012. These four states include more than 70 percent of the nation’s high-value fresh vegetable and specialty crop production.
AgNet Media became the second owner of the 97-year-old Citrus Industry magazine in 2005, and its Citrus Expo event will celebrate its 26th anniversary in August 2017.